Bo Tian

Co-founder of 11-D Tech | President

Dr. KAUST graduated from the Department of Physics of Xiamen University, a member of the Top Talent Program of the Ministry of Education of China. He has been engaged in research on two-dimensional materials such as graphene for nearly ten years and has made many breakthroughs in this field. Published 14 research papers in top international journals, and served as a reviewer for many international journals such as Carbon, Small, Nanoscale, Scientific Report, ACS series, etc. In 15 years, the CKX research team (the predecessor of the 11-dimensional team) was established with the main purpose of combining scientific research and industry. With the support of local friends, the CKX research team was established in Anxi County, Quanzhou City with dozens of doctoral students. In 2017, Ruosi New Material Co., Ltd. was established in the high-tech development zone under the introduction of the Investment Promotion Bureau of Changtai County, Zhangzhou City. In 2018, it was introduced by the Development and Reform Commission of Siming District, Xiamen City, and moved into the Cyberspace Building, and established 11-dimensional Technology Co., Ltd. In the same year, under the strong support of the Science and Technology Bureau, he founded the non-profit organization 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute and served as the director. As the founder of 11-D Tech enterprise, he has a unique strategic vision, a solid scientific research literacy, a development concept of "application of science to practice", and a long-cherished wish to build a "technological weapon" in China.