Xiaochuan Jiang

Co-founder of 11-D Tech | Chief Technical Officer

Bachelor of Science from the Dalian University of Technology, Doctor of Science from Xiamen University. Engaged in research on the combination of artificial intelligence, big data, and blockchain technology with nanomaterials, and published many research papers and invention patents at home and abroad. He was funded by the Liu Xiangnan Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fund of Meiya Biotech, presided over, and managed the enterprise blockchain industrialization project. As one of the founding members of the team, he is currently the technical director of 11D Technology Co., Ltd. and the chief scientist of the 11D Nanomaterials Research Institute. In 18 years, he presided over the establishment of the nation's largest nanomaterial sales platform "Eleven-dimensional Nano Mall System", and independently researched and developed artificial intelligence chemical vapor deposition (CVD) control programs. Have solid technology, keen thinking, and advanced consciousness.