Xiamen 11D Nanomaterials Research Institute is an independent organization under 11D Technology specializing in two-dimensional materials. Relying on a professional 2D materials laboratory, it upholds the core ideas of 11D Technology and is determined to create a purely scientific research environment. Attract people with lofty ideals who truly "love scientific research and enjoy scientific research". At the same time, the 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute has long been keen on cultivating undergraduate students who love scientific research and are willing to practice, provide professional scientific research training and good hands-on skills, and provide ideal conditions for undergraduates who are about to enter the institute. Preparing for scientific research, and at the same time provide professional scientific research training for joint training graduate students, and guide the completion of the dissertation.

In order to enhance college students’ understanding of the frontier fields of materials science, broaden their scientific horizons, and cultivate practical abilities, the 2021 undergraduate internship and joint training of the Xiamen 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute has officially opened. College students are welcome to sign up. We adhere to the principle of merit-based admission. The specific enrollment information is as follows:

1. Recruitment target and a brief description  

Undergraduate interns:   

Mainly for undergraduate students in the third and fourth grades of materials science, physics and chemistry-related fields across the country. During the internship period, they will guide students to complete the basic training and experimental operations of two-dimensional materials. Arrange and regularly submit experiment reports to the supervisor.

Joint training of graduate students:

It is mainly for second-year students who have excellent academic performance in materials science, physics, and chemistry-related fields across the country. From the second to the third year, they are trained in the 11-dimensional Institute. Under the guidance of our instructor, they are in the research group Carry out scientific research and practice work, participate in academic activities, publish academic papers, and write dissertations.

   Upon graduation, Lian-Pei students return to their university to complete their thesis defense. Those who meet the requirements will receive the master's degree and degree certificate of the university and the joint training certificate issued by the 11-dimensional graduate student.

2. Schedule 

Undergraduate internships need to submit an application at least 15 days in advance. The internship date can be negotiated with the instructor of the institute. The internship time is 2-6 months, and the arrangement can be negotiated according to the specific situation.

The joint training of postgraduates needs to complete the application process before the start of the second year of postgraduate each year, and the training time is 2 years.  

3. Student treatment 

1) Provide free accommodation for you during the internship and joint training period (single/double rooms are arranged according to the situation, if not required, equal living allowance can be obtained);

2) Provide 500 yuan monthly living allowance;

4. Registration and admission

1) The master's joint training program will accept applications from now until June 25, 2021. Both email registration and online registration need to be completed before June 25th, no overdue waiting! The undergraduate internship can be registered 15 days in advance, and the time period is unlimited​.  

2) Registration process (the following steps are indispensable) (The deadline for registration is June 25, 2021)

(1) Send email registration

Before June 25th, send the "Application Form for Students of Xiamen 11-Dimension Nanomaterials Research Institute" to 11d@11dlab.com, and the subject of the email should be "2021 Postgraduate Joint Training/Undergraduate Internship-School-Name";  

  (2) Official account registration

Open WeChat and search for "Eleven-Dimensional Nanomaterials Institute", follow the official account and enter "2021 postgraduate joint training/undergraduate internship-school-name" in the message box, and send "Xiamen Eleven-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute" in the message box Student Application Form" document.  

  (3) The electronic version of the application materials can be provided when registering (please integrate all the materials into a PDF file, filename: 2021 joint training/internship-school-name). 

  (4) The 11-dimensional researcher conducts a video interview with the registered students to determine the admission status of the students.

Note: The application form can be obtained from the attachment in the relevant news at http://www.11dlab.com/article/28, or you can follow the official account and send the "application form" to obtain the document.

After the admission is confirmed, the paper version shall be brought and submitted by me when registering:

① Application form for students of Xiamen 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Research Institute;

②Joint training students need to submit a letter of recommendation, and the recommender must have the title of associate professor or above (not required for undergraduate internship);

③Undergraduate transcripts issued and stamped by the educational administration department (or department) of the undergraduate school;

④ Award certificate materials (copy of representative academic papers reflecting one's academic level, copy of award certificate, copy of English four and six certificates, etc.). To

Please arrange the application materials in the order of the application form, transcript, recommendation letter, and award certificate, printed on A4 paper, and bound on the side. To

3. Commitment

After the undergraduate internship is over, the Institute will issue an internship certificate to the trainees and present an internship report if necessary. To

During the joint training period for postgraduates, 11D guarantees to meet the basic requirements for graduation required by the school and guides them to complete the writing of a master's degree thesis.

4. Admission time

Admission results will be announced online or by email (about the beginning of July). Be sure to provide a valid mobile phone number.


5. Contact details  

Contact: +86 13873218163 (Mr. Dong) /+86 18824254927 (Mr. Liang)

Mailing address: 84 Longshan South Road, Siming District, Xiamen

Postcode: 361000 

Mailbox: 11d@11dlab.com

11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute



Attach: Related problem description

  1. Has the 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute recruited similar undergraduate interns before? 

  Answer: The 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute has continuously trained several undergraduate interns, including the fourth-year undergraduates of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Dalian University of Technology, Yantai University, etc. The scientific research conditions of the company have cultivated excellent scientific research literacy and completed the introductory training of materials experiment before postgraduates, which has greatly helped his subsequent scientific research. Among them, there are many outstanding students who have gone to the Imperial College of Technology, the University of Science and Technology of China, and other famous Chinese and foreign universities to study for masters after internships at the 11-dimensional Nano Institute, providing them with valuable experience in their future scientific research.

  2. Has the 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute recruited similar joint training students before? 

  Answer: After the establishment of the 11-dimensional nanomaterials graduates student in 18 years, it has successively trained two joint training students from the Dalian University of Technology and Xiangtan University. Both helped students obtain a master's degree certificate and provided excellent joint training colleges with overseas university visits. Opportunities, so that every student who loves scientific research gains a broader world in his own field.    

  3. What are the employment prospects of Lian Peisheng? 

  A: The two joint training students cultivated by our institute have good employment results. One of the students has entered the national top 500 companies and the other has served as a visiting scholar as a material science consultant in an overseas university.


Attachment: Application form for students of Xiamen 11-dimensional Nanomaterials Institute